Lamaze Birth Matters

Birth is the beginning. The beginning of new life, parenthood and your family story. Lamaze Birth Matters aims to help you and your partner prepare for labour, birth and early parenting in ways that will encourage and empower you to start your journey with knowledge and confidence.

Janice Fadden

Janice Fadden

Im an LCCE buttonI am a Lamaze Childbirth Educator and long standing member of the Maternity Services Liaison Committee for Reading, Wokingham and West Berkshire – a working group of parents, midwives, doctors and service commissioners involved in improving and developing local maternity services. My own childbirth experiences made me passionate about helping inform and support women and their partners through pregnancy, birth, and into parenting. I took a Lamaze antenatal class before the birth of my first baby and benefited greatly from the knowledge and practical advice gained. Being informed helped remove my anxieties about the unknown and gave me the confidence to make informed choices and ultimately, resulted in a very fulfilling birth experience. I want to pass that on. Because it’s so important. It’s life changing!

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